more than just sweets!

The Sweet Shoppe is a unique experience for all patrons. Located in the beautiful Downtown Clearfield Business District provides a relaxing atmosphere for patrons to gather for a quick break or simply catch up with a colleague between meetings. 

The rich delicious coffee is pared with The Sweet Shoppe's homemade selection of pastries served up fresh. Hershey's Hand-Dipped-Ice Cream is served in cones or by the dish. Gourmet Chocolates are available to satisfy your sweet tooth.   

The Sweet Shoppe will go the extra mile to serve those who find themselves struggling as they face the ever increasing challenges of the modern world. The focus of the Sweet Shoppe is to serve the community.

HOPE Coffee 

The Sweet Shoppe serves hope in more ways than one.. HOPE(c) COFFEE offers high-quality coffee from small farmers in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.  HOPE Coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee beans that are cupped for quality and classified as specialty grade strictly high grown (SHG) coffee. 

Funds from these sales are then reinvested in these people groups of these Third World Nations. HOPE Coffee uses funds from coffee sales to build homes, drill wells and make life better in these areas. 

Lefort's Sweet Shoppe will attempt to support this ministry beyond purchasing coffee.

HOPE Coffee sales will bring hope locally and globally simply through the purchase of a GREAT cup of Coffee.

The Sweet Shoppe will feature homemade selections crafted with wholesome ingredients, made fresh.  Oversize muffins, cookies, and brownies, and doughnuts will be available daily. Doughnuts will be decorated with rich melted chocolate and various candy toppings.


Imagine starting your day with a fresh pastry and piping hot cup of gourmet coffee.