About Us

more than just sweets!

The idea of a Coffee Shop was birthed as I pastored in the most remote town in Pennsylvania, Renovo. This town is impoverished, and it seems that it has been forgotten. Decaying infrastructure from glory days that have long passed litter the landscape. Despite the gloom there remains a hope and dream for better times.

As I ministered in this community, my eyes were opened to the realization that the current generation has little interest in the church. It is no wonder when you experience the churches in this community they are as dead and devoid of life as the towns decaying infrastructure. I determined that in order to reach people the church had to reach out and build relationships with those they desired to reach.

The idea of people coming to the church is an antiquated method to ministry. The Sweet Shoppe is a means to build relationships that reflect the love and compassion of Jesus. Jesus conveys that we are to love others as he has loved us. His entire ministry was a ministry of love and compassion. He healed the sick, gave hope to the lost, and feed the hungry.  His final act of love was offering himself up as a sacrifice for man’s disobedience.

No greater love exists than one lays down their life for a friend. Jesus calls his followers friends. He gave his life as an atonement for sin. The Coffee Shop’s mission if to build relationships that bring life and healing to the community.

The Sweet Shoppe model was inspired by Renovo and nurtured as I completed my degree in Church Ministries at Evangel University. I resigned from Emmanuel Assembly of God in 2014. Since this time God has not allowed this dream to fade.

We are poised to bring the Sweet Shoppe to reality. It will be more than just coffee offering an assortment of candy, ice cream, and pastries as well it will be a ministry to reach people for Christ. A majority of profits will be funneled back into the local community and global missions.

As most businesses are focused on the dollar the focus of the Sweet Shoppe will be serving the community “We are MORE than just Sweets!”